Using the most beautiful fabrics from all over the world, Marine Interior Design will custom make your bedspreads fitted or loose laid, washable or not, outline quilted or channel quilted all depending on how you want to use them!  There are many options and we can help you work out what would be best for you.  Why pack them away when you are using the boat???

Nothing feels better at the end of a jam-packed day on the water than slipping between fresh crisp sheets that fit the bed perfectly! In an effort to cater for all needs all the bed linen is selected for the individual client. We can supply sensuous Italian linen, light muslin, cotton sateen, Egyptian cotton of the highest thread count or crisp poly-cotton commercial sheets.  Your preference can be catered for as our approach is highly individual.

We can even arrange custom latex mattress toppers to help recreate the comfort of being at home!

Custom Port Hole covers are another Marine Interior Design initiative so if you like to take a “nana nap” during the day and you need the cabin to be cool and dark this is the solution.  We template the porthole and custom make the UV backed cover (also in a range of colours!)